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  • When remote workers get sick

    Steven Kurutz, writing in the New York Times: Working from home may sound relaxing, but the “working” part of that phrase underscores the expectations that accompany it: being available to check and respond to email, hop on a conference call and generally be productive, even if you feel lousy. Last week, a colleague caught a nasty…

  • Could you remote-work from Starbucks full-time?

    The work-at-a-coffee-shop experiment.

  • Me and Mister Rogers

    There’s not much I can say about Fred Rogers himself that others haven’t written more eloquently. But it’s true what they say: his real-life personality was very similar to the one he projected for the TV audience.

  • Thoughts on Apple’s fired engineer

    I doubt that the vlogger aimed to sacrifice her father’s job to boost her YouTube subscriber count. But that’s what happened.

  • Confessions of a McDonald’s employee

    Soon after my sixteenth birthday, I took a job at a McDonald’s restaurant near my house. All that summer, I grilled quarter pounders and wrapped Big Macs at the Golden Arches. And… I saw things, man. Bad things.

  • Eighteen months on a treadmill desk

    Eighteen months on a treadmill desk

    Here are some observations and recommendations from my eighteen months “on the tread.”

  • Human puzzle

    Human puzzle

    Yesterday, my work colleagues and I trekked to downtown Seattle for a team-building exercise called “Puzzle Break.” After arriving at street level, we were led down a long-unused car ramp and into a dimly-lit conference space. An enthusiastic staff member then prebriefed us on the experience to come. We would be locked in a room…