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  • ‘Star Trek: TNG’: a misnomer?

    Captain Kirk retired from Starfleet in the year 2293. Jean-Luc Picard assumed command of the Enterprise-D in 2364. That’s a gap of 70+ years. Even in an era when lifespans have lengthened dramatically,[1] it’s a stretch to call Picard’s crew “The Next Generation.”[2] Then again, “Star Trek: A Subsequent Generation” just doesn’t have the same […]

  • Ship of fools: Star Trek TNG’s (socially awkward) Enterprise.

    Ship of fools: Star Trek TNG’s (socially awkward) Enterprise.

    If Star Trek: The Next Generation accurately depicts humanity’s future, get ready for some very awkward conversations. The show’s main characters all struggle socially. Consider: Worf would rather eat you than meet you. LaForge’s best friend is a robot, he intimidates his employees, and he makes out with holograms. Picard can’t relate to the crew […]