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  • Trek envy

    Trek envy

    We have many more hours of Trek with Picard at the helm than with Kirk. Yet no one’s seriously considering a TNG reboot.

  • Teasing Khan

    Teasing Khan

    In 2009, J.J. Abrams successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise. This was no small task; Trekkies are notoriously picky. The filmmaker took pains to include many details that only true nerds could appreciate. Several of these fan-pleasing scenes were cut from the final production. For example, William Shatner’s cameo apparently made it into the script […]

  • Redeeming Indiana Jones (and Harrison Ford)

    Redeeming Indiana Jones (and Harrison Ford)

    It’s hard to say goodbye to our favorite fictional characters. They become dear friends, and we’re loathe to give them up. And when these beloved companions don’t receive the send-off they deserve, saying goodbye gets even tougher. That’s why a part of me still hopes there’ll be a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Kingdom of the […]

  • The best Enterprise

    The best Enterprise

    Baby boom Trekkies loved the original TV series’ ship (NCC–1701). Millennials had Picard’s ship, the 1701-D. But my ship, my Enterprise, was NCC–1701-A—the short-lived duplicate we see in Treks IV-VI. The Undiscovered Country is the first Trek I saw in theaters; that film cemented my fondness for its imaginary vessel. But it’s not just nerd […]

  • Join Starfleet! Corrupt leaders, and no chance at promotion!

    Enlisting in Starfleet (Star Trek’s exploro-military outfit) seems like an awful career move. For one thing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to work the same job for the rest of your career. Thirty years later, Chekov’s still stuck at the conn. Uhura is still manning the phone lines. Scotty’s still buried in engineering somewhere. Among the […]

  • Save your work: Star Trek’s transporter

    The transporter in Star Trek has always bugged me. So many plot holes, so much nonsense. An example: the transporter has some sort of memory buffer, which saves the signal of the person teleporting off the ship. On occasion, the crew has used that stored pattern to reconstitute a person (e.g. season one, in which Data […]