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  • The best work soundtrack? Soundtracks.

    The best work soundtrack? Soundtracks.

    Great music makes even the dreariest work more bearable. For manual labor, anything catchy can do the trick. But what about knowledge work?

  • Spoiling The Civil War for my wife

    Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary boasts a beautiful, nineteenth-century-inspired soundtrack. One particular piece, “Ashokan Farewell,” serves as the miniseries’ de facto theme song. It’s gorgeous: a plaintive string band ballad with a a heartbreaking melody. I’ve spoiled this song for my wife. Every time we hear “Ashokan”, I provide an impromptu voiceover, modeled on many…

  • Bugler’s Nightmare

    More often than not, when NBC played Arnaud’s “Dream,” they cut out a whole measure of the timpanic intro. Why would they short-circuit their own spectacle?