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  • Jerry Seinfeld, the tech blogger’s spirit animal

    Jerry Seinfeld, the tech blogger’s spirit animal

    As of today, I’ve blogged and podcasted for eighteen straight weekdays, praise be to Seinfeld.

  • Interchangeable subplots?

    Too often, Big Bang’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ storylines have literally nothing to do with one another.

  • George is getting upset.

    George is getting upset.

    There’s a palpable sense of dread from George every time he interacts with Susan. She makes Costanza—or maybe Jason Alexander—just ooze discontent.

  • Seinfeld’s Superbowl sketch

    Seinfeld’s Superbowl sketch

    Last week, rumors of a pending Seinfeld reunion sent fans of the hit 1990s sitcom into a frenzy. What, exactly, were Jerry and Jason Alexander (who played George Costanza) filming on the streets of New York—in costume? When asked about it, Seinfeld played coy. The results were revealed last night during the (otherwise less-than-riveting) Superbowl. […]

  • Unpacking Jerry’s apartment(s?): continuity errors in Seinfeld’s pilot.

    Television pilots are tricky things. They’re test episodes, meant to gauge whether a concept will fly or not. Seinfeld’s pilot, first broadcast in July of 1989, nearly failed the test. Screenings met with a tepid response from audiences, who complained about pointless stories and uninteresting characters. But when I go back and watch Seinfeld’s opening […]

  • Why I still watch Seinfeld.

    Every night during dinner, my wife and I watch TV. I know that’s bad. Mealtime should be a time for conversation, for connection, for relationships. A sacred, inviolable hour for the young family. So sue us. Our most recent addiction has been classic episodes of Seinfeld, king of the 90s TV charts. We’ve restarted from […]