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  • Interchangeable subplots?

    Too often, Big Bang’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ storylines have literally nothing to do with one another.

  • Why the Dowager Countess must die: fan service vs. storytelling.

    I cheated. Using a little Internet magic, I watched season three of Downton Abbey last fall, long before my American friends had the opportunity. When the show finally aired in the States, I knew what was coming. As the season finale aired, my Facebook feed filled up with incredulous reactions to a major character’s untimely […]

  • Save your work: Star Trek’s transporter

    The transporter in Star Trek has always bugged me. So many plot holes, so much nonsense. An example: the transporter has some sort of memory buffer, which saves the signal of the person teleporting off the ship. On occasion, the crew has used that stored pattern to reconstitute a person (e.g. season one, in which Data […]