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  • Read-It-Never: Instapaper and therapeutic self-delusion

    Clicking ‘read later’ isn’t about bookmarking great content. Rather, it’s my way of ignoring how little great content I actually read.

  • A long sentence vs. a short paragraph: on Twitter’s character limit change

    It’s the most significant change to the service since its debut over a decade ago. It’s the difference between a quip and a quote, between a thought and an idea, between an objection and an argument.

  • Drowning in Twitter debt

    I abandoned RSS because I couldn’t keep up. Now I’ve fallen behind on Twitter, too.

  • When you play the Game of Thrones, you win(ce) or you die (inside)

    When I was thirteen, my high school English teacher assigned Lord of the Flies to our class. At first, I enjoyed the book. After all, Flies begins innocently enough: grade school boys shipwrecked on a mysterious island. It almost felt like an outdoor survival adventure—still a favorite genre of mine. But soon the tone—and my…

  • The library of the future

    The visionary librarian must reclaim her historic role as the community’s information curator and collaboration coordinator.

  • How ebooks mute texts.

    Texts used to speak for themselves. Once upon a time, the scribe hunkered over his parchment, squinting through the candlelight, ignoring his aching back and cramped wrist. Yet no matter how hard he concentrated, he made mistakes. Inevitably, words were duplicated, key letters left out, entire lines forgotten. In other words, the text asserted itself—it…

  • Kindles at camp?

    Camps have traditionally banned gadgets. In the woods, iPods and cell phones are illegal contraband, banished along with fireworks and drugs. Life at camp, many argue, should hearken back to a simpler time: when a game of “Angry Birds” involved dodging bird poop and “conversation” meant a fireside face-to-face rather than thumbed pseudowords at 140…