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  • ‘Star Trek: TNG’: a misnomer?

    Captain Kirk retired from Starfleet in the year 2293. Jean-Luc Picard assumed command of the Enterprise-D in 2364. That’s a gap of 70+ years. Even in an era when lifespans have lengthened dramatically,[1] it’s a stretch to call Picard’s crew “The Next Generation.”[2] Then again, “Star Trek: A Subsequent Generation” just doesn’t have the same…

  • Picard’s final mission

    Picard’s final mission

    Here’s why a Picard-centric miniseries should be Trek’s next foray into television.

  • Ship of fools: Star Trek TNG’s (socially awkward) Enterprise.

    Ship of fools: Star Trek TNG’s (socially awkward) Enterprise.

    If Star Trek: The Next Generation accurately depicts humanity’s future, get ready for some very awkward conversations. The show’s main characters all struggle socially. Consider: Worf would rather eat you than meet you. LaForge’s best friend is a robot, he intimidates his employees, and he makes out with holograms. Picard can’t relate to the crew…

  • Trek envy

    Trek envy

    We have many more hours of Trek with Picard at the helm than with Kirk. Yet no one’s seriously considering a TNG reboot.

  • The best Enterprise

    The best Enterprise

    Baby boom Trekkies loved the original TV series’ ship (NCC–1701). Millennials had Picard’s ship, the 1701-D. But my ship, my Enterprise, was NCC–1701-A—the short-lived duplicate we see in Treks IV-VI. The Undiscovered Country is the first Trek I saw in theaters; that film cemented my fondness for its imaginary vessel. But it’s not just nerd…

  • Join Starfleet! Corrupt leaders, and no chance at promotion!

    Enlisting in Starfleet (Star Trek’s exploro-military outfit) seems like an awful career move. For one thing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to work the same job for the rest of your career. Thirty years later, Chekov’s still stuck at the conn. Uhura is still manning the phone lines. Scotty’s still buried in engineering somewhere. Among the…