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  • A graceful finale or a tragic end?

    A graceful finale or a tragic end?

    Parks and Recreation‘s storyline, though frequently ridiculous, always had its own internal logic. It made sense that we’d focus on these individuals’ personal lives, since they worked together in the city’s parks department. And we understood the personalities of each lead character: Ron was a caricature of manhood, who abhorred openly-expressed emotions and government dependency. […]

  • How TV’s renewal / cancellation cycle hobbles great shows

    How TV’s renewal / cancellation cycle hobbles great shows

    TV’s annual, stop-and-start production schedule hobbles its best shows. Because a programs’s creators never know how many seasons they’ll get, they must pace themselves for a race that could end at any moment. Some plot lines get rushed, as the writers scramble to tell it in the current season. Others arcs get stretched to absurdity, […]

  • Parks and Rec: the rewards (and perils) of a fleshed-out sitcom world

    NBC’s Parks and Recreation goes out of its way to create a consistent fictional world, with recurring characters and odd local lore. For example, Li’l Sebastian, the beloved mini-horse of Pawnee, Indiana, doesn’t just headline a single funny episode. He comes up again and again, even after his untimely death. He’s the star of the […]