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  • How to sneak food into the movie theater

    After years of cheating the system, I’ve learned a thing or two about contraband Jujubees.

  • And… that’s why I smuggle snacks into the movie theater

    Movie theaters rely on inflated concession prices to break even. Does that make it unethical to sneak in outside food?

  • Skip the action scenes.

    I don’t visit the movie theater very often. The nearest cinema is nearly an hour away, and the nearest decent multiplex takes a solid ninety minutes to reach. Even if our hometown had a theater, our seven-month-old daughter makes catching a flick seem complicated and expensive. The logistics involves—babysitters, breastfeeding, nap times, etc.—boggle the mind. Fortunately for me,…

  • When will home theaters kill the multiplex?

    When will home theaters kill the multiplex?

    Year by year, the gap between home theaters and the local multiplex narrows. You can buy an impressive big-screen TV and a kick-ass speaker system for less than $2000. Even an entry-level system (i.e. <$1000) compares favorably to your local cinema. Toss in a comfy couch or a few recliners, and you’ve essentially duplicated an…