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  • Sell-out


    How struggling actors cash in on beloved characters

  • Marketing mess

    Marketing mess

    Listen, Peter Jackson. I get it. Why not stitch together your Hobbit promotional posters in Photoshop? It’s quicker, easier and (most importantly) cheaper than assembling your lead actors for an in-person studio session. But if you’re going to piece together a digital composite, you’ve got to do a better job than this. Aside from some […]

  • Phoenix’s “Los Suns” jerseys: multi-lingual / multi-laughable

    In last night’s Western Conference Semifinal game versus San Antonio, the Phoenix Suns donned an altered version of their orange jerseys. The shirts drop the team’s usual airport-code abbreviation (PHX) and instead read ‘Los Suns.’ Phoenix’s management explained that this change expresses the team’s solidarity with Arizona’s Latino population. The jersey swap was timely. Yes, […]

  • Embracing the Cheese

    This commercial is so full of win, I can hardly stand it. Let’s talk about why. Locally-produced commercials are infamously cheesy. Low-quality video sources, inadequate audio equipment, tasteless subtitles, and tragically unhip jingles mark the genre. Unfortunately, it takes cash to do a whiz-bang, slick ad–and cash is exactly what a small local business lacks. […]