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  • Rebooting LOST?

    Rebooting LOST?

    I think there will be more LOST. Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of ABC’s LOST. When LOST aired its finale in 2010, its ending pretty much ruled out a sequel. The show’s main character died. Actually, the whole cast died. Sort of. (It was a little confusing.) So it’s hard to imagine a sequel…

  • Missing LOST

    Missing LOST

    I miss LOST. For six years, ABC’s daring sci-fi/adventure/mystery cross-breed topped my list of favorite shows. Each new episode was a household event; guests were welcome—if they agreed not to talk over the plot twists. LOST’s strength was its ensemble approach. The show’s genre shifted, depending on which character was featured that week. It could…

  • How TV’s renewal / cancellation cycle hobbles great shows

    How TV’s renewal / cancellation cycle hobbles great shows

    TV’s annual, stop-and-start production schedule hobbles its best shows. Because a programs’s creators never know how many seasons they’ll get, they must pace themselves for a race that could end at any moment. Some plot lines get rushed, as the writers scramble to tell it in the current season. Others arcs get stretched to absurdity,…