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  • Should we feel bad for loving Apple keynotes?

    Today is the “high holiday” in Apple’s liturgical calendar: iPhone keynote day. In a few hours, Tim Cook and his cardinal executives will unveil the new devices designed to drive Apple’s business during the upcoming year. Apple devotees around the world will attend (virtually), eager to heap adoration on the innovations heralded from Cupertino. That…

  • Avoiding iPhone spoilers

    Avoiding iPhone spoilers

    What if we treated leaked prerelease product specs like we treat Star Wars plot details?

  • Apple iOS 4.1 release steals Google’s thunder.

    Talk about timing. At the very instant Google was announcing a major revamp of its premiere product, Apple rolled out an update of its own. Now this could be coincidental. But maybe Apple saw an opportunity here–a chance to steal press from its chief rival in the smartphone space. After all, relations between the two…