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  • iPhone pants

    iPhone pants

    Nestled inside the side pocket of many men’s pants, you’ll find another, more mysterious pouch. I’m not talking about the (utterly useless) “watch pocket” Levis sews into each pair of jeans. I’ve never found a use for that narrow, skin-tight compartment. Anything you drop in there ain’t coming back out. No, I’m referring to a…

  • Mountains cure iPhoneitis.

    Mountains cure iPhoneitis.

    This video made the rounds this past week. It depicts a twenty-something woman, moving through her day sans smartphone. All around her, tiny glowing screens transfix her friends and family, leaving her to experience real life all alone. It’s an effective commentary on how consumer technology isolates us, even as it connects us virtually. When…

  • A taller iPhone: ergonomically problematic?

    In recent weeks, rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have resurfaced. A forum post on the Verge, subtly substantiated by Apple insider John Gruber, imagined how Apple could increase the device’s screen size without expanding its actual footprint. By sliding the earpiece up and shrinking down the home button, Apple could pack in…

  • Smartphones: self-sedation, or self-improvement?

    Could a smartphone pull us back into the world rather than away from it? Could smartphones facilitate real life, instead of substituting for it? Can phones ‘nudge’ their users toward deeper, more genuine involvement in others’ lives?