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  • Who is the Apple Watch for?

    Who is the Apple Watch for?

    The Apple Watch allows users to keep their phones in their pockets while they’re on the go. But as a remote worker, my phone’s never in my pocket, and I’m never on the go. My iPhone sits on my desk, always within view. I can easily see each new notification as it rolls in. Why…

  • No place for the iPad?

    No place for the iPad?

    The iPad is a marvel, but I never use it.

  • The iPad as a dedicated content-creation device

    The iPad as a dedicated content-creation device

    Since the iPad’s 2010 debut, detractors have dismissed it as a “content consumption” device. Sure (they say with a sneer), it’s great for watching movies, reading books, and playing games. But you can’t make anything with a tablet. The iPad only reinforces our culture’s addiction to media. Until I owned an iPad, I didn’t realize…

  • iPad ergonomics

    As the iPad cannibalizes the traditional PC market, more knowledge workers are relying on Apple’s tablet for getting things done. One unfortunate side effect of a tablet-based workstation? Deplorable ergonomics. Most ergonomic guides recommend you mount your monitor at (or just below) eye level. That’s tough to do with iPad docks currently available. On the…