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  • Redeeming Indiana Jones (and Harrison Ford)

    Redeeming Indiana Jones (and Harrison Ford)

    It’s hard to say goodbye to our favorite fictional characters. They become dear friends, and we’re loathe to give them up. And when these beloved companions don’t receive the send-off they deserve, saying goodbye gets even tougher. That’s why a part of me still hopes there’ll be a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Kingdom of the […]

  • In defense of ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’

    In defense of ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’

    People hate Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. A lot. Many consider it a blasphemous stain on the Indiana Jones legacy. It gets lumped in with the (genuinely dreadful) Star Wars prequels as an example of crass commercialism spoiling a great franchise. But the film is not quite as bad as geeks often claim. While it’s […]