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  • Living fiction

    Living fiction

    After decades of dreaming, virtual reality lies within reach. Valve, bastion of traditional PC gaming, now openly discusses a timetable ’til we have legit VR. Oculus, a VR headset start-up, has garnered accolades from the tech press. It’s no longer a question of “If we ever get VR,” but “When?” What’s holding VR back? It’s…

  • Goonies never say die

    Goonies never say die

    I grew up in the 80s; I still sometimes get nostalgic for the movies I loved as a kid. But when I re-watch The Neverending Story or Willow, I’m embarrassed for my childhood self. These films weren’t masterpieces to begin with, and they haven’t aged well. That’s not true of The Goonies. If you diss…