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  • George Lucas breaks up with ‘Star Wars’

    How would it feel to invent a universe, hand it over to others, and watch them reject your input?

  • “It is your destiny.”

    “It is your destiny.”

    Geekdom is abuzz; Star Wars will be reborn. Out of nowhere, Disney snatched up the rights from Lucasfilm, simultaneously announcing sequels to Return of the Jedi. After the disastrous prequel trilogy, a new director and proven screenwriter will attempt to jump-start the stalled franchise. Fans are already speculating wildly about the new trilogy’s likely story. […]

  • Salvaging Star Wars, Episode IV: Leaner green screen

    The last few posts have addressed a single question: how might the Star Wars prequels have been salvaged? How might George Lucas have kept that trainwreck on the rails? In the first post, I questioned the whole “prequel” concept. Then, I discussed how real-world analogues polluted the Star Wars universe. Finally, I suggested some ways […]

  • Salvaging Star Wars, Episode II: Cheap Analogues

    Earlier, I bashed the much-hated Star Wars prequel trilogy. How did a franchise so beloved produce something so unwatchable? In the posts to come, I’ll explain how the prequels might have been salvaged. Here’s one way: let the Star Wars universe stand apart. Throughout Episodes I, II, and III, George Lucas tosses out cheap analogues […]

  • Salvaging Star Wars

    The Star Wars prequels were a catastrophe. These clunky, over-animated films enraged a generation. Thirty-something movie geeks, who had invested love and loyalty in this “far, far away” universe, watched as George Lucas transformed childhood daydreams into a commercialized, overwrought nightmare. Many have attempted to redeem Star Wars since. Some dreamers still defend the prequels […]