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  • I still love Interstellar

    Christopher Nolan’s 2014 space epic seems custom-tailored for me. I’m a sucker for its core elements: parental conflict (and resolution. Space exploration). Mind-bending science. Terrific music. Interstellar also serves up some controversial ideas about Love. Some reviewers faulted the movie for these threads, which they thought clashed with the “hard” science fiction backdrop. Not me; […]

  • CGI, the unhuman, and the future of cinema

    Some filmmakers think they’ll find the answer in CGI or 3D, but the very beating heart of cinema rests in the people we see on that screen. —Francis Ford Coppola.[1] Cinema does for us what campfire did for our ancestors. We sit in the dark, gathered around a flickering light, and tell each other stories. […]