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  • The problem with the rumored 4-inch iPhone

    An “iPhone 6c” would put small-phone aficionados in a difficult place: caught between performance and pocketability.

  • A taller iPhone: ergonomically problematic?

    In recent weeks, rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have resurfaced. A forum post on the Verge, subtly substantiated by Apple insider John Gruber, imagined how Apple could increase the device’s screen size without expanding its actual footprint. By sliding the earpiece up and shrinking down the home button, Apple could pack in…

  • iPad ergonomics

    As the iPad cannibalizes the traditional PC market, more knowledge workers are relying on Apple’s tablet for getting things done. One unfortunate side effect of a tablet-based workstation? Deplorable ergonomics. Most ergonomic guides recommend you mount your monitor at (or just below) eye level. That’s tough to do with iPad docks currently available. On the…