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  • Huh. That doesn’t feel like ‘Star Trek’.

    Huh. That doesn’t feel like ‘Star Trek’.

    The trailer for ‘Star Trek Beyond’ has Trekkies worried. Does its action-heavy tone bode ill for the franchise?

  • Picard’s final mission

    Picard’s final mission

    Here’s why a Picard-centric miniseries should be Trek’s next foray into television.

  • Un-killing Spock

    Un-killing Spock

    Star Trek III cheapens the genuine heartache of Spock’s death. More problematically, it also eliminates any trace of dramatic tension from the franchise.

  • Teasing Khan

    Teasing Khan

    In 2009, J.J. Abrams successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise. This was no small task; Trekkies are notoriously picky. The filmmaker took pains to include many details that only true nerds could appreciate. Several of these fan-pleasing scenes were cut from the final production. For example, William Shatner’s cameo apparently made it into the script […]

  • The best Enterprise

    The best Enterprise

    Baby boom Trekkies loved the original TV series’ ship (NCC–1701). Millennials had Picard’s ship, the 1701-D. But my ship, my Enterprise, was NCC–1701-A—the short-lived duplicate we see in Treks IV-VI. The Undiscovered Country is the first Trek I saw in theaters; that film cemented my fondness for its imaginary vessel. But it’s not just nerd […]