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  • The “$100 iPad Pro”

    I’m bummed to miss out on the hotness, but here’s the thing: I can meet these “needs” without dropping $1,200 on an iPad Pro, a Smart Keyboard, and an Apple Pencil. It simply requires some creativity—and some willingness to compromise.

  • A better iPad lap stand

    A better iPad lap stand

    Yes, there are already 1,001 tablet stands out there, ranging from $5 cardboard easels to aluminum docks that cost nearly $200. But very few existing models work well on the lap. Either they’re fixed at limited, inconvenient viewing angles (e.g. Apple’s Smart Cover), or they’re too narrow to span the gap between your thighs (a la…

  • Tilt Brush

    ‘Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality.’

  • Buy myself an iPad—and some talent.

    Buy myself an iPad—and some talent.

    Once upon a time, I drew. When I was twelve, I’d fill the margins of my school notebooks with doodles. These were ridiculous sketches: severed heads, floorplans for elaborate secret lairs, and goofy-looking comic characters. Just the sort of thing you’d expect from a pre-teenage boy. Unfortunately, that was the pinnacle of my artistic career. I would…