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  • Dark mode: better on the iPhone than the Mac?

    In the most recent release of iOS, Apple added dark mode, and I’m a fan. At nighttime, dark backgrounds seem less glaring; they’re also less likely to disturb my partner sleeping beside me on the bed. But I’ve actually taken to “running dark” all the time—day and night—on my iPhone. I spend most of my…

  • Apple Watch, “Round Edition”?

    Apple Watch, “Round Edition”?

    What might a round Apple Watch look like?

  • What can we learn from a logo?

    What can we learn from a logo?

    The logos of Microsoft and Apple, interpreted charitably and not-so-charitably.

  • A taller iPhone: ergonomically problematic?

    In recent weeks, rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have resurfaced. A forum post on the Verge, subtly substantiated by Apple insider John Gruber, imagined how Apple could increase the device’s screen size without expanding its actual footprint. By sliding the earpiece up and shrinking down the home button, Apple could pack in…

  • Package design 101

    I love cereal. Breakfast cereal nears culinary perfection–appropriate for any meal, snack, or dessert. But certain situations do require certain cereals. Sometimes you need Froot Loops’ frivolity, austere moods demand bran flakes, and so on. The secret to eternal happiness may well lie in one’s ability to discern the right Cheerio for any given moment.…