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  • Is ‘Empire Strikes Back’ the only good ‘Star Wars’ movie?

    Those who diss the prequels forget that the original trilogy had its own problems.

  • Vicarious wonder

    Vicarious wonder

    We love watching others—strangers or not—learn to love what we love.

  • “It is your destiny.”

    “It is your destiny.”

    Geekdom is abuzz; Star Wars will be reborn. Out of nowhere, Disney snatched up the rights from Lucasfilm, simultaneously announcing sequels to Return of the Jedi. After the disastrous prequel trilogy, a new director and proven screenwriter will attempt to jump-start the stalled franchise. Fans are already speculating wildly about the new trilogy’s likely story. […]

  • Salvaging Star Wars, Episode III: show some character

    Recently, I’ve been outlining ways that the Star Wars prequels might have been improved. First, I suggested that the whole ‘prequel’ concept is irredeemably flawed. Then I complained about how real-world analogues cheapen the Star Wars universe. Today’s complaint? The Star Wars prequels spoil some of cinema’s best-known, most beloved characters. Take Obi-Wan Kenobi, that […]