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  • Living links

    Living links

    We saw Twelve Years a Slave last night. It’s not a perfect film,[1] but it offers an honest, heart-wrenching account of the most shameful “secret” in American history. Because lawful slavery ended long before we were born, we might be tempted to dismiss it as a half-remembered relic of a less-civilized age. That’s too easy, […]

  • Spoiling The Civil War for my wife

    Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary boasts a beautiful, nineteenth-century-inspired soundtrack. One particular piece, “Ashokan Farewell,” serves as the miniseries’ de facto theme song. It’s gorgeous: a plaintive string band ballad with a a heartbreaking melody. I’ve spoiled this song for my wife. Every time we hear “Ashokan”, I provide an impromptu voiceover, modeled on many […]