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  • Tribal malfunction (rooting for tech companies is silly)

    Tribal malfunction (rooting for tech companies is silly)

    Brand affinity is a malfunction of our tribal programming, and it works against our own best interests.

  • Package design 101

    I love cereal. Breakfast cereal nears culinary perfection–appropriate for any meal, snack, or dessert. But certain situations do require certain cereals. Sometimes you need Froot Loops’ frivolity, austere moods demand bran flakes, and so on. The secret to eternal happiness may well lie in one’s ability to discern the right Cheerio for any given moment. […]

  • Phoenix’s “Los Suns” jerseys: multi-lingual / multi-laughable

    In last night’s Western Conference Semifinal game versus San Antonio, the Phoenix Suns donned an altered version of their orange jerseys. The shirts drop the team’s usual airport-code abbreviation (PHX) and instead read ‘Los Suns.’ Phoenix’s management explained that this change expresses the team’s solidarity with Arizona’s Latino population. The jersey swap was timely. Yes, […]

  • Urinal logos: flushing your brand down the drain

    Conventional wisdom says that you want to get your brand out there, no matter what. Sloan Valves, manufacturer of my school’s waterless urinals, has apparently taken that to heart. The drain canister on a Sloan waterless urinal. Photo credit: TSOMPITM. Any press is good press, right? After all, by printing their company name here, Sloan […]