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  • Is checking luggage a life hack?

    By the time I’ve disembarked from the plane, stopped by the restroom, and found my assigned baggage claim area, my bag is often already there.

  • Charmed To Death

    Charmed To Death

    At the soulless hotel chain, there are no social gatekeepers and no conversational tolls to pay.

  • Coach class manifesto

    Yesterday I flew across the country, from Dulles to Seattle. The United flight lasted five and a half hours—a tough slog even in ideal conditions. Worse? I was flying coach, which multiplies the suffering. Like many airlines, United seems determined to nickel-and-dime their passengers to death (or at least to discomfort). Every nicety that once made…

  • Apple Maps & the long road back

    Apple Maps & the long road back

    I had planned to write a short piece ridiculing iOS’s default mapping app. The title? “Rural iPhone users should avoid Apple Maps.” I assumed that Apple couldn’t match Google’s ability to collect and crunch location data. Google Maps (I was certain) was superior—boasting faster routes, newer maps, and more accurate business listings. I’d even identified…