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  • Amazon Prime: the rural escapee’s best friend

    Amazon Prime: the rural escapee’s best friend

    When we moved to rural West Virginia last year, we knew the remote location would pose some challenges. There aren’t many doctors nearby, for example. It takes an hour to reach the nearest hospital. We drive twenty-five miles just to get our oil changed. But the biggest headache? Shopping. Like all good Americans, we had […]

  • The best Internet TV device is still your laptop.

    Hooking up a PC to a TV using cables. That’s so 2008. So proclaims the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, whose recent article summarizes the many options consumers have for getting Internet video onto their TVs. Xbox, TiVo, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, smart TVs: these devices purport to make online video just as easy to […]

  • Save your work: Star Trek’s transporter

    The transporter in Star Trek has always bugged me. So many plot holes, so much nonsense. An example: the transporter has some sort of memory buffer, which saves the signal of the person teleporting off the ship. On occasion, the crew has used that stored pattern to reconstitute a person (e.g. season one, in which Data […]

  • Betting on the binge: Netflix, House of Cards, and the future of appointment viewing

    We rejoined Netflix, and I can’t stop watching. I’ve already devoured two seasons of The Walking Dead, AMC’s zombie gore-fest. We’re plowing through Arrested Development, a show that somehow slipped under our radar back in its day. West Wing looms on the horizon, along with a half-dozen other series we never caught the first time […]

  • “Stop rooting for brands.”

    The products, ecosystems, and devices we love will only get better if other products, ecosystems, and devices force them to.

  • A taller iPhone: ergonomically problematic?

    In recent weeks, rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have resurfaced. A forum post on the Verge, subtly substantiated by Apple insider John Gruber, imagined how Apple could increase the device’s screen size without expanding its actual footprint. By sliding the earpiece up and shrinking down the home button, Apple could pack in […]

  • iPad ergonomics

    As the iPad cannibalizes the traditional PC market, more knowledge workers are relying on Apple’s tablet for getting things done. One unfortunate side effect of a tablet-based workstation? Deplorable ergonomics. Most ergonomic guides recommend you mount your monitor at (or just below) eye level. That’s tough to do with iPad docks currently available. On the […]

  • Retraction: This American Life explains why they regret airing Mike Daisey’s (fictionalized) monologue

    There’s one question I wish Ira Glass would’ve asked Mike Daisey

  • Instapaper crosses the “tricky line”

    My read-later service of choice, Instapaper, recently added a signature feature: multi-page stitching. When activated on articles split into separate pages, Instapaper will now fetch all the content and splice it together for you. Very handy! The addition represents an about-face for Marco Arment, Instapaper’s developer. As he wrote last July, Nearly all of Instapaper’s […]

  • Social media = dessert.

    Candy makes a lousy meal. Sure, for a while, it’s delicious. But after a certain sugar threshold, sweets stop tasting sweet. Mucous builds up on your tongue. Your teeth ache. And it’s addictive; long after you’re gorged, you’re still digging congealed corn syrup nuggets from the bag. Social media is like that. You know you’re […]