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  • No place for the iPad?

    No place for the iPad?

    The iPad is a marvel, but I never use it.

  • The underdog delusion

    The underdog delusion

    Despite Apple’s miraculous recovery, its most enthusiastic customers retain the wounded mindset of the perpetual underdog.

  • Always absent

    Always absent

    Glass, Google’s nascent wearable computing platform, endures its fair share of ridicule. The device looks clunky and awkward, even when embedded in traditional prescription eyewear. But future versions of Glass will make the technology more attractive. I’m not worried about fashion faux pas; I’m more worried about human presence. We’re already hyper-distracted. Our smartphones stave…

  • The iPad as a dedicated content-creation device

    The iPad as a dedicated content-creation device

    Since the iPad’s 2010 debut, detractors have dismissed it as a “content consumption” device. Sure (they say with a sneer), it’s great for watching movies, reading books, and playing games. But you can’t make anything with a tablet. The iPad only reinforces our culture’s addiction to media. Until I owned an iPad, I didn’t realize…

  • 30th anniversary of my Mac indifference

    30th anniversary of my Mac indifference

    This week, Apple celebrated the Macintosh’s 30th anniversary. Pundits, executives, and fanboys lined up to reminisce online, and the team behind the original Mac’s creation gathered for a birthday bash. Most major media outlets posted nostalgic retrospectives. I’ll be honest; I don’t get it. On the one hand, I recognize the Mac’s debut as a…

  • Living fiction

    Living fiction

    After decades of dreaming, virtual reality lies within reach. Valve, bastion of traditional PC gaming, now openly discusses a timetable ’til we have legit VR. Oculus, a VR headset start-up, has garnered accolades from the tech press. It’s no longer a question of “If we ever get VR,” but “When?” What’s holding VR back? It’s…

  • iPhone pants

    iPhone pants

    Nestled inside the side pocket of many men’s pants, you’ll find another, more mysterious pouch. I’m not talking about the (utterly useless) “watch pocket” Levis sews into each pair of jeans. I’ve never found a use for that narrow, skin-tight compartment. Anything you drop in there ain’t coming back out. No, I’m referring to a…

  • Apple’s EarPods

    Apple’s EarPods

    Last fall, Apple unveiled new headphones—finally replacing the iconic white earbuds with a more streamlined design. The Cupertino company marketed these “EarPods” as a “revolution”: more comfortable and better-sounding than anything else out there. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5 last September, EarPods were bundled in the box. And—despite Apple’s marketing hype—I didn’t notice…

  • “Morning pages” login idea

    “Morning pages” login idea

    One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to write “morning pages.” I wanted to write 750 words every morning before work. When I’ve stuck with it, this practice has proved fruitful, yielding blog post ideas and helping me journal daily. But actually establishing that habit is difficult. How do you learn to write…

  • Mountains cure iPhoneitis.

    Mountains cure iPhoneitis.

    This video made the rounds this past week. It depicts a twenty-something woman, moving through her day sans smartphone. All around her, tiny glowing screens transfix her friends and family, leaving her to experience real life all alone. It’s an effective commentary on how consumer technology isolates us, even as it connects us virtually. When…