Month: November 2018

Smarter AirPods gestures


 It’s one of my favorite AirPods features: slip in a single AirPod, and iOS will send a mono-mixed signal to the active unit, while ignoring the other. I use this all the time. For example, if my AirPods are running low on power, I’ll continue to listen in one ear while charging the other unit in its case. Or consider the road trip scenario: we’re rolling down the highway, mile after mile. As the […]

The “$100 iPad Pro”


I’m bummed to miss out on the hotness, but here’s the thing: I can meet these “needs” without dropping $1,200 on an iPad Pro, a Smart Keyboard, and an Apple Pencil. It simply requires some creativity—and some willingness to compromise.

When is an ISP rate hike not a rate hike?


I’m sympathetic to our ISP’s sorry financial state, and I’m rooting for them to pull out of their apparent death spiral. I’m even willing to pay a bit more to help them survive. I just wish they'd raise their rates honestly, instead of slipping in a bogus charge and hoping that customers don’t ask questions.