Anandtech’s iPad Pro review

Anandtech released its mammoth review of the iPad Pro last week. As the author notes,

Despite [the Pro’s] increased size I didn’t really notice that it had gotten significantly harder to handle in the hands than an iPad Air 2.

I haven’t used the iPad Pro yet, but I wonder if this conclusion applies to using the device in bed. The Air already feels awkward there; wouldn’t the Pro feel even worse?

The problem isn’t so much the device weight. After all, in bed, I can prop the iPad up on the mattress or a pillow. Rather, the tablet feels too big to use while lying on my side. With one arm pinned beneath my body, I’m left with just one hand to both grasp the iPad and to navigate its UI. Reaching the entire screen thus requires some serious finger gymnastics.

In other words, lying down forces me to use the iPad Air 2 like a ten-inch phone. That’s technically possible, but it also feels kind of ridiculous. A thirteen-inch “phone” would border on the insane.