iPad Pro as PC replacement?

Federico Viticci reviews the iPad Pro, which went on sale yesterday in the U.S. He writes,

The iPad is, for me, a device that combines the benefits of a traditional computer with the intrinsic portability of iOS. I use the iPad at my desk when I’m writing and responding to emails, but my lifestyle also requires moving around with it a lot.

Even before the Pro’s release, Viticci had embraced the iPad as his full-time computing platform. While it’s neat that he can do this, I struggle to understand why anyone would want to. To me, the inconveniences (e.g. no file system, strict sandboxes, and primitive keyboard support) have always outweighed the conveniences (e.g. owning just one machine, computing while standing).

But that’s changing, and the iPad Pro (along with iOS 9’s multitasking features) may signal a shift. Whether spurred on by the Microsoft Surface’s success or by the iPad’s tanking sales, Apple has decided to take tablet productivity more seriously. Now, an iPad-only workflow seems less and less like an impractical experiment. If the platform continues to mature, even power users might someday consider going iPad-only.

Let’s just hope the product line lasts long enough for that to happen.