Social media = dessert.

Candy makes a lousy meal. Sure, for a while, it’s delicious. But after a certain sugar threshold, sweets stop tasting sweet. Mucous builds up on your tongue. Your teeth ache. And it’s addictive; long after you’re gorged, you’re still digging congealed corn syrup nuggets from the bag.

Social media is like that. You know you’re craving ‘real food:’ thoughtful conversation, shared adventures, drinks with friends. But, instead, you socialize online. It’s hauntingly empty. Your heart hurts. And it’s addictive; long after you’re bored, you’re still refreshing your browser, hoping for an update.

Dessert tastes best after a hearty, healthy meal. Social media works best as an extension of real experiences, real relationships. Make it the main course, and you’re likely to get sick.