How little hardware flaws drive me crazy.

Stuff breaks. Every so often, something I buy conks out, goes on the fritz, or just plain stops working.

Blessed warranties to the rescue! Apple replaced my iPod touch at least twice: once for a stuck power button and again for a temperamental headphone jack. And Lenovo (after a month-long, maddening back-and-forth) fixed a blown-out GPU, a burned-up logic board, and an under-insulated processor.

On each of these occasions, the problem was obvious, and I sought out service ASAP. But every so often, I run into less conspicuous hardware flaws. These easily-to-miss defects bring out the OCD in me.

  • I agonized over whether my iPod’s Home button was too loose.
  • I tried to convince my wife that my iPod’s screen was inferior to hers. (She remains convinced that the difference was in my head.)
  • My iPhone rattles when I set it down. I don’t think iPhones are supposed to rattle.
  • Where did these bruises and scratches on my Thinkpad’s screen come from?
  • I am haunted by squeaks, rattles, and bumps in our recently-purchased car.

Why do I let such trivialities bug me? Two reasons. First, I paid good money for these baubles, and I hate getting a raw deal. Second, warranties only last so long. If I put off filing a complaint, I might miss out on a free replacement.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve noticed an almost-undetectable flaw in my phone. Time to obsess!